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Our Oneness School Programs & Memberships

Proven Mind Purifying Guidance & Programs to support you 

on your Spiritual Awakening Journey with a Community of

"Mighty Companions" devoted to the Highest Love

Contact us if you have any questions...

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Oneness Satsang Program

The self-realization program
that has everything you need
& nothing you don't 
which is why it works
This program is suited for beginners

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A Mind Revolution

Digital Version Book & Bonuses

How To Be Self-Realized In Oneness Reality & Abide In The Highest Love, Perfect Peace & Supreme Fulfilment of Being...

Sacred & Holy Relationship cover.png

Sacred & Holy Relationship

Allow the Love you seek,
crave & TRULY desire beyond
the confines of duality labels

& watch the Love be reflected & SHINE in your Life...

The Infinite Way.png

Infinite Living Program

This program is a comprehensive mind purification training & expanding in Consciousness...


This program is NOT suitable

for beginners...

The Return to Original Innocence_draft 1.png

Restoring Original Innocence

This Retreat Intensive explored the core of all perceived problems, a simple case of misperception, providing the ‘way’ home to True Identity as the inseparable Child of Creation


Bringing Light to Replace Darkness

In this program, we explore archetypes in a highly specialised & transcendent fashion

It is a self-pace program suitable for all...


The Mystical 'I' journey

A journey to the Centre of Pure Consciousness Revealing the Treasure of the Supreme 'I'

This program is for advanced students only 


"I"dentity Reset

This intensive journey of
daily Truth immersion

will serve to restore

True "I"dentity.



Heaven is Now

This is a VERY practical experiential journey to the Truth of Grace within, utilising the teachings from a Course in Miracles…

Coming Soon...

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Reset & Recalibrate in Grace Sessions...



This Session Includes...​

  • 90 minute Private Forum with Sal to Reset & Recalibrate in the "Truth" of Being One...

  • Anchor in the "I" of Being, Awake from the dream of imagined person-hood...

  • Video Replay of Session...

  • Written Highlights & Reminders...

  • And more...

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Work Privately with Sally...

If you would like to work privately with Sally or her private consulting team,

please fill out the form by clicking on the link below....

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